Cold Calling, So You Don’t Have To

Increase productivity by outsourcing your call lists to professionally trained sales experts. In as little as 48 hours, get appointments booked directly to your calendar and see detailed notes on how the conversations have gone.

Sales Development as a Service


Purchase a Plan

Choose between our 3 packages designed for any sales stage. Whether you’re building a new pipeline or just need help with follow ups we have you covered.


Send us call details

Submit your call details at checkout. This includes call script, customer list and any relevant call information we need to have. If you don’t have it ready, no problem. Our customer service team will reach out after your purchase is made.


Impress your team

Sit back and relax. Within 48 hours we will send you detailed notes on your calls and book any meetings in your calendar.

Why Choose Rocket Calls
Rocket Calls is a team of sales professionals trained to support your outbound sales prospecting. We focus on quality by hiring experienced sales experts that have been thoroughly vetted and professionally trained. Whether you are just starting out or are an experienced sales representative our services are designed to help you get a jump start on your pipeline management. As an extension of your sales strategy, Rocket Calls provides constant collaboration and feedback to help continuously improve and scale your sales development strategy.

Detailed Notes

When your calls are completed, we’ll send you detailed notes on all conversations so you’ll be properly informed for follow ups.

List Creation

Don’t have a list? No problem! Have our team create one for you. We use online databases to hunt for names and numbers in your industry. More complex and unique industries might be subject to a price change.

Calendar Bookings

Any appointments our team books can be added directly into your calendar. Supply us with a calendar link and wake up to new meetings!
Pricing Plans

It’s a numbers game. Expect an 18–35% answer rate depending on the list provided, this means 1000 calls might only need 200 leads. Historically 1-4% of those answers book meetings. You can do the math, more is better. We’ve designed our pricing to be affordable to you, but for best results, we suggest a minimum of 1000 calls

Our packages are designed to be flexible and affordable. Mix and match and purchase as many calls as you need!

Pay as you go

$24.99 USD
per 100 Calls

48-72 hour turnover

Calendar Bookings
Detailed Notes
100 Calls

Most Popular

$199 USD
per 1000 Calls

48-72 hour turnover

Calendar Bookings
Detailed Notes
1000 Calls


$0.25 USD
per Lead

Personally catered list in your industry

3-5 day turn around

Leads hand pulled using online sources

Need Something More Custom?

Phone Calls Are Still King

You may not like to hear it, but phone calls still have the highest conversion.

of salespeople say that cold calling is what they dislike most about their jobs

of buyers say they’ve accepted sales meetings after a connection that began with a cold call

cold calls a day is the average for a successful sales representative

of salespeople never cold call leads a second time

Outsource Your Sales Prospecting
Our team has been responsible for building unique lead generation strategies in the startup and corporate space for over 10 years.

We discovered that the best sales results were achieved using cold calling and that led us to create Rocket Calls. A team of top Sales Representatives that have been trained throughout various industries to deliver top quality phone calls and appointment bookings.

Rocket Calls was created to save you time, any old leads you’ve been delaying? Have a list of numbers your boss wants you to call but you can’t find the time? We offer packages as low as $24.99 to get you started right away.

What our Customers are Saying About Us
I’ve been running my Home and Design business for 15 years and lately sales have been flat. I used Rocket Calls to engage with my previous customers and was able to book 3 new appointments

Jackie Glass

Business Owner
I’ve been having trouble finding customers for my side business and purchased a pack of 300 calls from Rocket Calls. Within a week I was already talking to more customers than I have since I started

Claudia Evans

I have a pretty large quota at my company and cold calls are required. The problem is I hate doing them.. Rocket Calls builds my lists and calls them for me so I don’t have too

Brent Racioppo

Sales Manager

Have Questions?

Contact Us to Learn More

Cold calling can be an effective part of any sales strategy. If you think our outbound sales prospecting can be something useful to you or have some questions about what we can do for your business, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us and we’ll reach back out to give you the lowdown on our sales prospecting solutions.
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